4 Things that will Make You Fall in Love with the City of Kolkata

Kolkata, a city consists of various emotional attachments more than the modernization. Durga Puja, Sourav Ganguly, Rabindranath Tagore, Street food like Fuchka, the serene beauty of the river Ganges, Kolkata Maidan, Tram etc. all are the different ways to get attracted to the city. Beside all these, the monuments and architectural heritages are the daily friend of this city of joy. It is very tough to complete the Kolkata tour within a week or even in a month. So, to take the fullest taste of the city, the tour should be listed for more than a couple of months. But it is not always possible to accommodate so much time and for that various tour and travel company in Kolkata can help you in making the schedule.

City on Feet

One of the most interesting tours in the city like Kolkata is being a pedestrian. If you can make it then you will get to know each and every detail of the city. For that you must need to start with Burrabazar from where the business begins and then to the Park Street where the office bells ring. Undoubtedly, College Street can be your best choice in this trip. The largest book market in the world and multiple numbers of colleges are situated in both the sides of this street. You can also hire a car to discover the city if you don’t want to walk.

Coming to the Nature

Although it is counted that Kolkata is a very congested city and wrapped with concrete but if you study a little then you will surely be pleased with Kolkata’s natural beauty. The river Ganges alone has taken the responsibility to earn the honour for the city in case of the natural beauty. Princep Ghat is the best place to enjoy the beauty of the nature in the evening. You can ride boat on the river along with your near and dear ones just to cherish the natural beauty while you can also have some party in the Mayurpankh, a luxury travel boat on the river.

Witnessing the History

History lies beneath the each and every dust of the city Kolkata. A lot places are there which can astonish you. Victoria Memorial Hall and Indian National Museum, the largest museum in Asia should be an obvious choice for you. Beside these the National Library, Alipore zoological garden, Botanical garden etc. all are internationally well known places to witness the joy and history in the city. These are the places that every tourist(including foreigner) includes in their holiday packages whenever they decide to come to Kolkata.

The Exclusive Things in the City

Whether you will spend a budget holiday or an expensive holiday, there are some particular things which never affect your budget. The tram and the hand pulled rickshaw are the oldest tradition of the city. The metro railway of Kolkata is one of the oldest underground passenger travel route in the world. The Eden Gardens is regarded as the Mecca of cricket while Vivekananda football stadium is counted as one of the largest stadiums in the world. Any vacation in West Bengal is incomplete without all these places.

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