Hill Stations in India You Might not have Known About

India is a fascinating world of diversity. Its nook and corners are not yet known by all and thus remains some spots that have not yet been trampled by many. India is a tourist friendly nation that has always been able to awe every visitor who came to explore it.

India has been fortunate to get a natural boundary of the great Himalayas that stands still at the crown of the country. Other than that there are other ranges in the Southern half of the country. All together the hills contribute a great extent to the tourism of the country. Thus most budget holiday packages in India include special hill packages to various destinations in India.


Situated in Uttarkhand this region offers a beautiful panoramic view of the Himalayan Range. It has a strong cultural base with unique variety of handicrafts and cuisine. The hill station is in the shape of horse shoe. This place has been significant because of Swami Vivekananda who resided there for his meditation and speeches. The major attractions of the place are Simotala, Bright End Corner, Martola, Kalimut and many more. These exotic locations will be known to you when you wisely choose among many holiday tour packages in India.

Horsley Hills

This place is situated in Andhra Pradesh. The place has a pleasant climate all throughout the year and so tourists can visit the place in any season. It is only 150 km from Bangalore. For wildlife lovers this place is a must visit one. The fauna of the place is the key of attraction. Environment Park, Koundinya Wildlife Sanctuary and Mallama Temple should be included in the itinerary.

Nandi Hills

If you are planning to go to Karnataka then you will find it in most of the holiday tour packages in India. These hills are also known as Ananda Giri. There are a lot of spots that will attract the tourist among which the Tippus Summer Palace and Fort, Palar River Origin, Yoga Nandeeshwara Temple and Gavi Veerabhadra Swamy Temple are significant.


This is a hill station in Kerala. The place looks magnificent with its pine forests, serene grasslands and waterfalls. It is said that during the historical age the kings used to relax in this area. Not only for natural beauty but this place is famous for its tea and coffee plantations as well. This fertile region also grows variety of spices.


This place is for the adventure freaks who wish to indulge in skiing. The season is from January to March. The slopes have oak and deodar trees all around. The Gondola ride is one of the largest in the world here and extends up to 4 km. You can also try sky lift and chair lift here. Travellers who wish to enjoy adventurous experience must take this budget holiday packages in India.

Other than these there are many more like Idukki, Devikulam, Coonoor and many more. The destinations all inviting tourists but the wait is for the right choice. You will very easily get information about the known places. But for some quiet place consult a tour specialist who will give you some more exciting options.

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