Places to Visit for a Holiday in West Bengal

With the humdrum daily schedule of ours we all seek a moment of relaxation. Rather than a vacation one searches for a place to breathe and breathe in freshness to rejuvenate one’s life. Who does not love travelling and thus people do not even hesitate to revisit places nearby for a holiday in West Bengal. Here is the list from which will make you decide the destination. After you have decided do not waste any more to hit the road as a lot is definitely waiting for you in the journey. Have a great trip!

• Darjeeling- When the beautiful Kanchezunga calls, you cannot ignore and thus this place is most popular tourist destination for vacation in West Bengal. The view of the sun kissed mountains has the ability to cleanse your soul with its beauty.

• Digha- The sea lovers are going to love this as this place gives you all option to enjoy in a beach at a very reasonable price. You can gorge upon the sea food and satiate your taste buds to the fullest. As it is only a few kilometres from the city you can hire a comfortable car to reach the place for a group holiday with your friends and family.

• Santiniketan- Many people are in search for cultural enlightenment and the place is perfect for them. This place will simply give you enough time to explore the roots of your culture and come closer to purity of Bengal. Get drenched in the richness while taking a short trip to this Birbhum glory. This place is sure to stay in your memory for long.

• Lataguri- It is not a very well-known place as for a place for vacation in India but it is best for people who wish to get lost in the greenery of wildlife. Situated in the outskirts of the Gorumara forest this area is a part of Duars.

• Murshidabad- This place has a historical significance and thus one of the important places for holiday in India. It was once the capital of West Bengal and continues to surprise visitors with Imambara, Katra Mosque and much more.

• Bishnupur- Another destination for a budget holiday filled with art and culture and beautifully patronises with architecture of the 15th century. While you visit the place include Jorebangla Temple, Rasmancha, Radha Govinda Temple, Pancha Ratna Temple, Gate of Old Fort, Loukoipat Ecological Park, Keibul Lamjao National Park and Sarbamangala Temple to your list of laces to be visited.

• Bakkhali- This is the nearest location and one of the cheapest holiday packages that you will get in West Bengal. You will find the natural beach and islands to explore for red crabs. This place is ideal for resting your nerves for a two day relaxation trip.

As you know now Bengal is such a diverse place with mountains forests and seas this place is no doubt offering a great variety from luxury holiday to short trips. It successfully meets the taste of all kinds of traveller gifting some awesome memories for lifetime.

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