West Bengal Welcomes You to the Tea Holiday

This is a new concept of holidaying and those who are still not aware of such holidays must not waste any more time. Rather than knowing about other’s experience about tea holiday go experience it yourself. There are selective travel companies who plan for such vacation in West Bengal. If you want a stress free vacation, sipping the exquisite beverage in its authentic form contact the tour specialists.

The Plan Comprises

As you are taking up the tea holiday you are inviting yourself to a serene green nature. You will find the peace of the mind as the famous Kanchenjunga of the Himalayan Range makes way for a memorable trip of your life. There are many companies who conduct road trips in luxurious cars to the picturesque destination. When the scorching heat is pumping your heart out, breathe in the fresh cool air of the hills. A holiday in West Bengal does not offer a great punch in the pocket. There are several deals available and you can choose your preferable one according to the budget that permits.


If you conduct a tour with a good tourist company you will get bungalows at the tea garden itself. Availability of rooms is a difficult thing if you are planning it in the last minute. Usually the tour planners book these rooms in advance and thus getting in contact with one of them will be beneficial for you.

Facilities to Ask for

As you take up this vacation in West Bengal you will come to know what it feels to have a complete relaxing holiday. Holidays must have a good accommodation and that must include good food. Efforts are made by the tour companies to make you feel special and greet you with baskets of fruits and flowers. Usually these bungalows have facilities of hot water all through the day which is a real necessity in the hilly region.


North Bengal is a beautiful place to explore. For a day trip you can go to visit places like Kalimpong or Dooars. There are many destinations nearby which you can plan even for a weekend trip. If you hire a car, the entire tour becomes easy for you. The car picks you up from home, takes you to the tea destination and then becomes the transport for the day trips. As the tour ends, you are dropped comfortably to your home.

Activities to Indulge on

Holiday in West Bengal is not only about relaxing and sipping over a hot cup of tea. For adventure freaks, there are options of many adventure sports and the nature will be a complete companion in your plans. You can also have a trip to the garden and see yourself the processing of the tea leaves. It is quite interesting to see the entire episode, the effort and the perseverance that remains unnoticed behind that one savoured cup.

You can even plant your own tea bush as a token of remembrance, hike in the entire estate or have a trip to the nearby village. This journey is not something that you experience in every vacation of your life. Getting to know the culture and lifestyle will make you carry memories back to your home that is worth a lifetime.

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