What Brings Foreign Tourist to Kolkata?

Kolkata is a city of preserved culture. On one side the city is growing and developing itself to meet the modern standards and on the other hand endeavours are being made to ensure that the essence of the history is not lost. This is one of the reasons why every year luxury group holiday packages in Kolkata are conducted by touring agencies. Though the city is more or less economical and has options for all types of tourist there are special packages that are not only luxurious in the form of money but in the form of value.

The Richness to Savour

Kolkata is rich for its culture and the intermingling of the communities and their coexistence showers brotherhood. Tourists get attracted to this place and often Kolkata becomes their destination of travel. Dedicated trips are available in luxury group holiday packages in India and when the focus is on exploring history and culture West Bengal ranks at the top. This is the hometown of many eminent personalities who have marked their presence in the global world. Many are attracted simply to the Bengali culture.

What Fascinates Tourist

Firstly as known for travel agents, foreigners are most attracted to the language of the city. They find it easy to learn and often foreign tourist is found experimentation their attempt to speak in the local language. The cuisine of Bengal is the other thing that highly attracts the foreign tourists. They are able to get every kind of food here in Kolkata. The best part is they love the Bengali version of the kind of cuisine. In West Bengal every cuisine is available and most of the time in a different form having the touch of the city. This becomes the specialty. Other than that Bengali cuisine and sweets is the favourite of many tourists.

Whereas if you want the authentic recipe in Kolkata you must opt for group holiday packages Kolkata and you will end up in some of the best restaurants of the city that are dedicated to a single kind of cuisine and that is served in the authentic form. Food here has many options. The other thing that goes hand in hand with the culture is the historical heritage of the city. There are many places in and nearby Kolkata that has strong historical significance.

Choose the Right Package

When you are searching for luxury group holiday packages India you will get the name of Kolkata in it but even after that you have to sort out the right package depending on the taste and your expected places of visit. Nature lovers and history lovers will have completely different packages. Santiniektan is a place that has international importance because of the university situated here. This was made by the Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore himself and it happens to be the birthplace of the poet. Apart from tourist there are many foreign students even who reside at this place and get their education in a noble way. Places like Digha; Mandarmani has beaches while Sunderbans and Dooars have forests.

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